Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Woman

What is a woman these days and to whom does she embody those qualities?

If you look in the Bible you will read she was a help meet for Adam, the one who was deceived, bears children and through whom salvation comes

If you look to the media, you’ll get all kinds of mixed messages-
A sex symbol, gossiper, crusader, victim and one who makes history

To a man she may be a warm conversation and a trustworthy companion or a source of temporary pleasure and an object to enjoy

To a child she may be a nurse, teacher, their inspiration
or someone to be feared and intimidated by

To a mother she is their daughter grown up
One carrying forth their legacy and message
Good or bad, she is the fruit of their womb

To a father she may be their most prized possession
One to guard, protect and love always
or simply a commodity to sell for whatever money he can gain

To a sibling she may be their trusted friend and confidante or someone to envy

To someone in need, she may be their only friend, their world and so much more than we'll ever know

To me a woman is myself
a person with deep feeling, lost hopes and broken dreams
a person growing older and hopefully wiser
a person who lives, shouts, laughs, cries, dreams, likes, loves and still has more to give
She is an individual unlike any other and yet so much the same

To me a woman, is simply me

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  1. Love it! :) Waiting for your book to come out still :) Because I would so buy it!