Monday, February 14, 2011

How Can It Be?

A newborn baby born today
while someone else may have passed away
I look at you and you look at me
Different lifestyles, different eyes with which to see
Perhaps you wonder much like I-
how is it your not married after all this time?

Most friends have done so
Some in their teens while others well on into their 20’s
I’m still here in this awkward place looking in from the outside
For those who celebrate such wedded bliss
they can’t really understand or relate

They’ve walked with that one true love for so many years
A testimony of perseverance, true love and grace
While me, I’ve watched and only hoped,
but all for nothing it seems and to no avail
Independence has become a must;
There has been no other option for me, my friend

Yet I’ve watched so many come together and become one
The iron has sharpened iron and they are now solidified
Or at least on their way towards becoming such

Perhaps they question-
Doesn’t she like children?
Doesn’t she want a partner?
Why would she choose this?
How can it be and what is it like?
They really just don’t have a clue why or why not

And still there are others who envy me
They see the freedom and little responsibility
No strings attached
Why oh why must it be?
They can’t fathom being alone becoming a drag or getting old
They’ve become self focused on all the drawbacks
When they find out I am childless, they say, “You are lucky.” Or “Smart lady!”

Lucky? Smart? How can that be?
Elizabeth and Sarah, both barren, felt nothing but disgrace
My how our times have changed
And I still wonder, “How can it be?”

God was finally gracious to them and said,”OK, Sarah.
OK, Elizabeth. I will bless you.
I will take away your disgrace and you shall honor me.”
After so long, Zechariah and others inquired, “How can it be?”
Yet God promised and God delivered and so I continue to ponder,
”How come them and still not me?”

Divorced, remarried, single, loved, barren, fruitful, soon to be wed, widowed
Or even somewhere else in between
In passing, any or all may contemplate,“How come? What’s it like for her or for them? What does it mean?”

Me? I still don’t know what to think
You look at me and I look at you
I look at all those amongst my surroundings from the outside in
Some are happy, some are not
And I still ask, “What can one do and how can it be?”

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