Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turned Over

One class cancelled, an assembly for them.
One on one time chance for a writing conference with another great kid.

A different one soaring.
She's a most absorbent sponge.
She's zipped through one grade's reading level and mastered all Dolch words in less than five months.

Mailboxes cleaned out.
Student papers organized.
The big kids are relieved their poster is done.
The little ones excited.

Some touched a real octopus, dead, but preserved.
Some picked out books.
Some simply shared their own stories of immigrating to America.
They've come from many distant far off lands.

Things have taken a twist.
They're already looking up.
Next week my littlest ones perform.
They'll dress up and practice-The Little Red Hen.

Tuesday was bad, but now over and done.
Far better still are yesterday and today.
My how things have turned over and started to look up.

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