Friday, October 24, 2014

DARE- My Five Minute Friday


All we

Relish, require, or revel in

Each day to explore the unknown



All our


Each day to explore the unknown,   exercising freedom to choose and enriching our lives

I like the second poem better, but both are hard to do.  How open am I to drop what I love or forego my fears to enrich my life? Life is monotonous at times.  There's safety in the familiarity or rising each day to go to work, knowing I have a job to go to and a paycheck coming. Safety in seeing the same people each day.

Friday, October 17, 2014

LONG- 5 Minute Friday

 I am so thankful for this exercise each week. It helps me to be creative and gives me an outlet I've needed for awhile. After a short week, but a long day here is what came to mind.


On and on


Going fast enough

This is how a day can feel sometimes, especially when there's too much monotony and not enough spontaneity. Sometimes it feels so LONG when prayers go unanswered and the same old, same old has grown stale.

I wish there weren't days and periods like this.  Then I remember the times when the time is not LONG enough; like when I'm riding bareback or trotting through a field of bright, yellow buttercups.  These are the moments that never lag behind. So I revel in them, craving the next time while trying to find something to rejoice in until then.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

CARE- Five Minute Friday

Ok, so it's really Saturday afternoon. I'm slacken' a bit, but this is the time I could retreat with my little write it down book and scribe what came to mind. The word CARE brings so many images and thoughts to mind. I wasn't sure what would flow as some of the cares of the world have been weighing me down, but here are five minutes worth of practical application.

Careful concern, compassion

Restoring, resurrecting, redeeming

Each and everyone with encouragement

That is what came to mind when I first read the prompt. Who cares? How much? How do I know?  When and how does God show this concern for me and compassion in such a powerful way?

When we take the time to be the person we need to be for somebody else who's hurting. We are hands and feet. We are the ones who can touch others' lives.

I've experienced it in great waves and at other moments in dribs and drabs.

How much does He care for me?


Friday, October 3, 2014

New- Another 5 Minute Friday

To keep in step with the word for this week, I went to a new place other than my blue plaid love seat at home and I set the timer on my i-phone while I scribed the words that flowed. What came out was quite different than I expected. I also wish there was more than just 5 minutes, but this is what came to mind.



Whizzes by when one is watchful
      and waits, or does it?

When I'm watching for something, waiting patiently, and know what to look for and what to expect, then I'm ready for it when it comes; even if it is something new like a "package" or a new person to meet on a blind date.

I wonder how much of the "unexpected" we miss out on, simply because we are not mindful or we are expecting the someone or something "new" to look or be a certain way. Most of the Jews missed the Messiah because although they've been waiting and watchful, they've expected Him to act and look a certain way.