Saturday, October 11, 2014

CARE- Five Minute Friday

Ok, so it's really Saturday afternoon. I'm slacken' a bit, but this is the time I could retreat with my little write it down book and scribe what came to mind. The word CARE brings so many images and thoughts to mind. I wasn't sure what would flow as some of the cares of the world have been weighing me down, but here are five minutes worth of practical application.

Careful concern, compassion

Restoring, resurrecting, redeeming

Each and everyone with encouragement

That is what came to mind when I first read the prompt. Who cares? How much? How do I know?  When and how does God show this concern for me and compassion in such a powerful way?

When we take the time to be the person we need to be for somebody else who's hurting. We are hands and feet. We are the ones who can touch others' lives.

I've experienced it in great waves and at other moments in dribs and drabs.

How much does He care for me?



  1. I love how you did each letter of care with almost a whole new meaning! It really puts a new perspective on the topic.

  2. Stopping by from FMF. Ellieanna was my post neighbor but I couldn't read hers, so I clicked over to yours. Love your thoughts on caring. Right now we are experiencing the waves of caring in our family. Humbling and overwhelming. That is the only way I can describe it. Thanks for writing.

    1. I loved your post about the adoption. I am always excited to hear of families adoption, because of people who were willing to do that for me when I was so much younger.

  3. It's a good day to CARE for yourself, Leigh, to slack off a bit, to give yourself grace.

    He loves you so!

  4. I also waited until today, Saturday, to write. I too have been loaded down with care throughout this week. So glad you posted.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by from

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone! I'm so glad you were blessed in reading and are able to see care actively restoring in your own life.

  6. I love your definition for CARE. What a great acronym to remember Him.