Sunday, March 25, 2012

A-ha! I Hear Him-composed 3/24/12

"Yoo-hoooooo, yoo-hooooo!"
For years I did not know
from whom this greeting came

I sensed its direction,
it was loud and clear
But a face or body,
I could never put with it

Today I hear him and I know
It is the Black-capped chickadee
hidden away from view safely
Singing aloud to greet us good morning

Isn't he lovely?

Bravo!-composed 3/21/12

Today I was proud
A peacock strutting
feathers fanned outward
can not compare

Children hidden within shells of
shyness and doubt cracked open
like little firecrackers lit with
the fuel of excitement
They zoomed, twirled and shone
ever so brightly

Dinosaurs, ladybugs, and dogs
slipped over their hands gave freedom
Freedom to be different and live in the
land of make believe if only for awhile

Upon the curtain closing,
they emerged from behind and bowed
Unified, they worked together
All thumbs up for a job well done

Blown In-composed 3/7/12

The wind blew in today
bright sunshine and naked trees
Tomorrow sixty seven degrees

The twentieth or sooner he'll leave
Venturing overseas, a new endeavor
He'll swiftly pursue China eastward

She'll stay behind
Wait to hear, and if pleasant
pursue and join him later

For years they nested here
Hanging on with loose fingertips
Willing to move with the seasons

Now March madness has begun
Lions in, lambs move out
friends are moving on

The wind blew in today
with the news of his departure
My heart now longs to hold them both
Before they're swept away

Reflections on The Our Father- composed 2/28/12

What is a father?
Who is He?
What does He?

What is it?
Where is it?
When shall it come our way?

Special is His name

What's it like?
What's it made of?
Do you know it?

Where exactly?

Food and shelter?
Social or emotional?
What form does it take?

At the same time?
Anybody and everybody?
All the time?

What kinds?
Trials and circumstances?
Must we ask?

Which ones?
What does it look like?
Have you been delivered?

Priceless -composed 2/12/12

You really don't get it
You wish, you hope, and yearn
to give something so fleeting
all the while not realizing


The same blood, genes and make up
even the same smile, a clear
reflection and promise, eternal
reward and blessing

Another's gift- only change, a
brief interlude to the ongoing
seasons of joy spent with you


That my friend, is more than


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lessons Unfolding

Outside my classroom window
a house shaped feeder awaits
corn, millet, seeds and nuts
a songbird's favorite mix

Finches arrive on any day
brown wings, red head and neck
along with a nuthatch and
black capped chickadee or two
Red headed woody comes only a bit

Monday is bird day for new birders
anticipating, watching, waiting
the flying acrobats unpredictable
stopping here, there, throughout a day

Tuesday far better to observe-
temperatures dropped, forecasts anew
flurries to be expected next day
Brown, red, black, gray and yellow
all debuted in the great maple tree
Taking turns, they feasted from the feeder

"Ooo's! and Aaah's!" bellowed out
Captured by creation's beauty
Every young mind engaged with awe
Showing up Tuesday, only a day late

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I watched the Beagle
Her right hind leg limping
To her dish, she hobbled

Weeks later, she cried
A high pitched "Yip!"
From the sofa to floor
She collapsed in pain

I nudged the dark gelding
My heels signaled to him
Trot, trot we began

Stumbled, rebalanced
We circled around
His head pulled downward
"Hoe."-his rhythm was off

A tall, skinny child recoiled
Spirit deadened within her
Eyes empty and void of light

Muscles or cartilage torn
A soul condemned and stunted
Activities injured
All three wounded and lame

Back home, the Beagle sleeps
Carefully repaired and sedated
Confined for months to heal

Led back to his stall
Untacked and cared for
The gelding rests and drinks
Perhaps only temporary relief

The grown up child hibernates
Unlimited potential asleep
She asks, "Where is my healing?"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outsiders-Written 12/27/11

It sounds very awkward
I can totally relate
Others welcoming and kind,
but you're so out of place

Make-up, nails, accessories
are the fluff of some lives
Hunting or scrapbooking
make other ones thrive

We enter such circles
for a moment or two
Not knowing the steps
and so out of tune

Polite gestures and smiles
All hospitality and grace
but a deeper bond lacking
so we put on a face

We are outsiders looking in
standing alone in our pain
til the moment we connect
Now two friends in the rain

No longer alone
We share and we breathe
sighs of relief and comfort
Our pain we now leave

Dedicated to my friend in the rain-
Thank you for sharing the sting and awkwardness
Love you forever!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Party On!

Celebrate, celebrate
It's never too late!
2011 over and done
2012 has just begun

Gains and losses were oh so many
But even so, I saved some pennies
Accomplishments large and small
A new year ahead with hopes so tall

Losses will ensue, I have no doubt
Lessons will be learned, no need to pout
Good times ahead and challenges to win
Party on my friends, fill your cups to the rim

2012 has started ticking
My resolutions I finished picking
Celebrating a must to do
Finding humor with each new view

What will I say again next year?
Oh, me, oh, my oh near and dear.
It comes so fast the bells I hear.
Enjoy it all and have no fear.

2011 in Review

It's hard to believe that it's a new year, new month and going to be close to 50 degrees outside today. So many things were unexpected in 2011 both in the news and in my own personal life. I accomplished most of the goals I set for this past year and have decided to share the top 10.

1. Read at least four new books this year.

2. Planted a garden in memory of my friend, Ellen, who passed away.

3. Learned how to horseback ride and have graduated to a faster horse.

4. Wrote more poetry in 2011.

5. Worked for the summer to make extra money.

6. Got a newer car.

7. Did a presentation with one of my students on Africa. I was able to share about my trip there from many years ago.

8. For the first time, I did C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with a fourth grade class.

9. Won a field trip grant to take my students to a horse farm and they will get to ride!

10. I have a developed a better relationship with my mother of which I am eternally grateful!

These were all great highlights, but alongside the good were an equal number of challenges as well. Here are the top.

1. Dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in the summer.

2. I lost a friend to ovarian cancer in the spring.

3. Another friend was diagnosed with ALS in the winter.

4. More of my students moved away.

5. I lost my vehicle in Hurricane Irene's flooding.

6. A potential relationship for marriage was deferred to friendship only.

7. My mom, Linda's dad passed away.

8. Some friendships have become more distant.

9. Faith has been challenged.

10. Lot's of disasters in the news (earthquakes, floods, etc.).

Overall, there were many gains and losses. I can not even imagine what the new year will hold and yet I have learned the importance of numbering one's days, making and prioritizing goals and still finding things to be thankful for.

The older I get the faster time seems to go and I know I can not do everything. I have to decide what is most important, which always includes maintaining relationships while fulfilling everyday responsibilities for work and home. Perhaps I will write more on additional insights gleaned later.