Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lessons Unfolding

Outside my classroom window
a house shaped feeder awaits
corn, millet, seeds and nuts
a songbird's favorite mix

Finches arrive on any day
brown wings, red head and neck
along with a nuthatch and
black capped chickadee or two
Red headed woody comes only a bit

Monday is bird day for new birders
anticipating, watching, waiting
the flying acrobats unpredictable
stopping here, there, throughout a day

Tuesday far better to observe-
temperatures dropped, forecasts anew
flurries to be expected next day
Brown, red, black, gray and yellow
all debuted in the great maple tree
Taking turns, they feasted from the feeder

"Ooo's! and Aaah's!" bellowed out
Captured by creation's beauty
Every young mind engaged with awe
Showing up Tuesday, only a day late

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