Friday, April 29, 2016

Pass- My Five Minute Friday

This past week was challenging for me. There was one particularly hard day for me at work. Few noticed that something was bothering me except one student. When I opened the door to a classroom to walk in, he turned his head to see who it was and saw something in my face or eyes that caused him to ask, "Are you Ok?"  He noticed and he took the time to ask and show he was concerned. I was blessed by the small gesture and it taught me a lesson.  

Here is what I came up with for today's prompt.

Did you pass?

Is it really that cut and dry?

You've made it this far.

And this feeling of uneasiness,

Being in the dark will pass.

But don't be consumed in this place

Don't miss or pass up an opportunity

While you're waiting, waiting to find out.

Make the most of every minute,

every second because time passes all too quickly.

You will never pass this way again on this day,

this season, this hour.

You will never know, until you pass into eternity,

what truly counted that you did and what will

pass away with the wood and stubble.


Thank you, V, for being sensitive and observant to people. Good and bad days will come and go, but caring about the people we see and pass by will remain etched in their minds. We will all one day leave our troubles behind, but can always bring friends along with us for the ride. Thank God for people who need people and care!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Unite-Five Minute Friday

I don't seem to write much in only five minutes as it takes me time to think. I'm thankful it's not a contest of who can write the most in the least amount of time. For today's prompt different images came to mind. Perhaps this will inspire someone to do something different. All of us can become better and stronger when we unite.

Here is what I came up with for today............

like puzzle pieces that fit together

we complete the scene

not just one or two

but hundreds, thousands

all diverse, but made to interlock

and continue the story

it paints a masterpiece

plays an opus

each one carries a different note

blending harmony

many hands, many faces

much work made light

so it is with us


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Friday, April 15, 2016

It's Not Easy Being Me- My Five Minute Friday

Let me preface this by saying, I did not set the timer today. This took me longer than five! It made me think though and I hope it will encourage someone, somewhere, to be who they are meant to be. Blessings and peace!

It's not easy being me
Towering over like a tall, tall tree
Standing up and standing out
Everyone notices you whether you
want them to or not

It's not easy being me
Being over forty, no longer twenty
Needing glasses to drive, but not to read
My whole body changing, just not what
it used to be

It's not easy being me
Single and without children,
only an extended family
Eating not once or twice,
but many times alone
It's just not easy being me

But being tall makes things easier to reach
If I gain a few pounds, no matter
I can still look skinny

And growing older makes me wiser
I've slowed down and more often
take in the scene

Yet being single, well,
let me stop and think
Yes in this quiet I have more time
and space for that
I am thinking I could reach out more
and choose when and with whom to eat

I could wish to be shorter, younger or married
I could wish for many different things, but why wish,
when being taller and older is who I was made to be?
Being single and watching others has taught me
The grass is not always greener on sides facing me

Living is not meant to be easy.
It's meant to grow us up and teach us how to see
See with new eyes the life we are meant to lead.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Meeting

Bright, bright star
You filled my room
You filled my heart
You blinded me 
with light so bright
You blocked out 
each and every line
Your warmth infused
Your energy overwhelmed
Noises subsided 
When all else fell

Then you moved
You sunk down deep
Beyond mountains
Behind tall, tall trees
You bade me adieu
Dimness took over
Cold air swept in
Your reflection bolder

Each day and night
You continue to shine
Later I shall see you
Silently creeping and
Sneaking up behind

Great ball of fire.
Will you kiss me again?

"Yes," you say.
"Early tomorrow.
I will wake you.
Watch and wait for me then."

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Whole- Five Minute Friday

Oh, how I wish I had more than five minutes for this one. There was so much coming to mind, but not enough time to write it all. So when the timer went off, this is what I had.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You ate the whole thing?

We want to see the whole picture,

or do we?

Step by step, inch by inch, year by year.

We only see in part.

Sometimes all we see or have is parts.

Jagged edges or neatly cut,

like a pizza or like a puzzle.

Mystery, adventure and purpose ignite,

when only a few pieces are seen.

An excitement to create the masterpiece

and completeness, in a whole.


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Friday, April 1, 2016

Decide-Five Minute Friday

A new month and a new day.

What will I decide? What will I choose between? How will I live?

I asked a woman I know "How are you doing with quitting?"

She answered, "You mean with smoking? I just quit cold turkey. How can I tell my students to just decide they're going to do something, if I don't."

Just like that; she's been smoke free for weeks now. She wanted it and she did it.

How will I decide what to quit and when?


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