Friday, April 1, 2016

Decide-Five Minute Friday

A new month and a new day.

What will I decide? What will I choose between? How will I live?

I asked a woman I know "How are you doing with quitting?"

She answered, "You mean with smoking? I just quit cold turkey. How can I tell my students to just decide they're going to do something, if I don't."

Just like that; she's been smoke free for weeks now. She wanted it and she did it.

How will I decide what to quit and when?


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  1. It's difficult to finally get to that place. I had a coping mechanism for over 30 years and God asked me to give it up. It's been difficult, and I did have to quit cold-turkey. Not that it's not tempting to go back there, both out of habit and out of stress. Good luck to you.

    Sara (stopping by from FMF)

  2. I thank God I never developed the habit of smoking! Decide is such a great prompt for all of us to think of whatever struggles or bad habits we may have, to think about what kind of life we want to live and set as an example for others.