Friday, March 8, 2013


Dear Mr. Governor,

I keep reading and hearing nasty things these days.

Nasty things about YOU taking programs away.

The youngest and most vulnerable always first to be mauled.

 Mr. Governor don't you know?

 "A person's a person, no matter how small."
(Dr. Seuss)

I don't understand these things on TV.

I don't understand. Don't you see what I see?

Money to Syria, sixty million they say.

It's me and my friends, THEY keep asking to pay.

What is happening over there in your neck of the woods?

I'm convinced you're not up to anything good.

My friends at non-profits are losing their hair.

We see government has become one BIG, HUNGRY BEAR!

Six percent from my family with special needs?

WHO TAUGHT YOU to throw US OUT instead of the WEEDS!?!

What happened to kindness, compassion and love?

Is this how you'll be remembered, dear Gov.?

It will, UNLESS you practice this truth.

A saying we learned in the time of our youth...

Do unto others, Mr. Cuomo.

Do unto others, as you'd have them do unto you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Young Leader

In honor of my nephew, Michael this month. He is only 13, but what a great kid and youthful leader to watch!

Marshmellow on the 


Caring Christian

Helpful and



Loving Leadership

I am so thankful for you being you! Happy birthday, Mich!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Leader to Follow

January 30th was Regis Obijski's last day at NHR. He was our executive director for 26 years.

 Let me ask, how many have received a personalized birthday card from the 'big cheese' or the guy in the monkey suit at your job? I don't mean a pre-made card with his signature stamped or printed inside by the card making machine. I mean a different birthday card to every employee, every year for 26 years. Each one has a personal note to the special birthday guy or gal about what he appreciates in them and then signed with his first name.

I'll take it a step further. Who makes breakfast for people at your job?

Who helps take out the trash and vacuum? Shovel snow? Visit employees in the hospital?

Usually these are the tasks carried out by cafeteria workers, custodians, maintenance workers and family or friends.

Regis either didn't know that or didn't care.  Or perhaps he understood something that few get a hold of and live out. Not only can and do we get by with help from our friends, but "unless someone like you  (each one of us) cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." (Dr. Seuss, The Lorax).

What he accomplished for everyone at NHR in the time he was there, I can not even list or name. I can only speak for myself. I started at NHR over 15 years ago making between eight and ten dollars an hour. He always greeted me with a smile, had time for small talk and never forgot my birthday. Last year when my dad was quite ill in the hospital, he went to visit him.

 When I sent him an email to thank him for all the birthday cards and shared how much I looked forward to getting one each year,  he just explained how he has always enjoyed sending cards. He also wrote, "I'm thankful you were born."

Thank you Regis for taking the time and caring a whole awful lot! Thank you for leading us with such a generous servant's heart!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Beginnings-Happy Birthday, Mom!

Each day is a gift with loved ones to tell and show them how much we care.
 There is no guarantee we will have this chance again. 

A resolution I have this year is to let my loved ones know how thankful I am for them enriching my life. 

 My mom is rather tall with a smile to light up the room

 My height comes from her

 Along with a love for dessert

 She is eager to serve and do

 Continuously pouring herself out

 She is a caretaker, nurse, thinker and giver

 She is my mom, teacher and friend

 A woman not afraid of work or dirt

 She taught me how to clean

 She modeled elegance in table setting,

 festive decorations and great home cooked meals

 She had my bedroom painted pink

 Disney World, Santa's Workshop and Hershey

 were all places she loved to take me

 Adventure is still her middle name

 Today she calls or texts me

 Says "Thank you. I really appreciate everything!"

 She asks, "What do you need?"

 Not afraid to say she is sorry

 She admits her regrets and mistakes

 There is a sweetness about her

 In spite of all life's lemons

 She's made some great lemonade

 My mom has taught me many lessons

 Through all life's ups and downs,

 I can say I am so thankful she is my mother

 Especially with the time we have now

 Happy Birthday to my mom, Gena Mae!