Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outsiders-Written 12/27/11

It sounds very awkward
I can totally relate
Others welcoming and kind,
but you're so out of place

Make-up, nails, accessories
are the fluff of some lives
Hunting or scrapbooking
make other ones thrive

We enter such circles
for a moment or two
Not knowing the steps
and so out of tune

Polite gestures and smiles
All hospitality and grace
but a deeper bond lacking
so we put on a face

We are outsiders looking in
standing alone in our pain
til the moment we connect
Now two friends in the rain

No longer alone
We share and we breathe
sighs of relief and comfort
Our pain we now leave

Dedicated to my friend in the rain-
Thank you for sharing the sting and awkwardness
Love you forever!

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