Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mission in Burma

Black and white photos
children, both big and small
smooth black hair and almond shaped eyes
round, white circles smeared on their cheeks
I don't know them and they don't know me

hundreds, if not thousands orphaned
sitting in rows on a gray cement floor
no concept of family other than the camp they compose
they are children from Burma, both older and younger
Tiny buds unopened, delicate and fragile

striving heavenward amongst dry terrain
filled with life
they frolic and smile
strong survivors
children of beauty and grace

One questions, "How is that possible?
Will those buds ever bloom?"
Another dismisses them declaring, "There's no hope for them. Don't even bother. They won't survive long."

I see brilliance, purity, innocence and the future
Like a treasure of great price hidden in the darkest of caverns
pressurized and split into many facets
so are the orphans of Burma and elsewhere

they are children, big and small
living together
striving heavenward
dreaming and frolicking
Mine, yours, the world's and ours

most precious of jewels contained
hidden in deep,dark caverns

Can't you hear them?
HUSH and Listen!
The future is calling.
a black and white slideshow starring unknown faces
accented with white, round circles smeared on their cheeks

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