Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh, Baby!

Tiny toes and humble hands
smooth, pink skin wrinkled a bit
a round,button nose and bluish gray eyes
a veil of brownish strands to cover her head
she is swaddled in a white blanket with two turquoise stripes
snug as a bug
all seven pounds and only two days old
she is pure and perfect, Elena Rose

a luminous little light
she entered our world on Valentine's Day
loved and adored
nurtured and nursed
cradled and rocked
A gift from above sent down here to us

as a new member in her family
she adds, enriches, complements and shines
Who she will grow into and what she will be has yet to evolve
although we do not know to where or
whence all the places she'll go
her name says it all

daughter of Nicholas and Natalie
victory of the people and Christ's birthday
Elena Rose
pure and perfect with her tiny toes and little feet
a light and flower for all to see

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