Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Splendor

They greeted me this morning and then once again this evening
The silverfish, white, lined branches and limbs of the great oaks and maples, staggered across the valley
Some of them tinted with only a trace of pink
Simple and magnificent in all their splendor
A distant ball of fire ignites their glazed over look, erected high in the sky

It’s a whole forest lining the narrow route to work
dirtied snow banks piled high below
No device to capture this; only naked eyes of drivers and passengers alike glancing through their windows.
Many have complained, “Not another one!” or “I’ve had enough. Spring can’t come fast enough.”

But I say, “There is beauty. Each new sudden brunt brings a different shade of glory.”

Today, it was the simple splendor of all the living beams dressed for an elegant ball.
Dressed in thin, delicate, sheets of icy glass.
Perhaps tomorrow, they will have piled on their fluffy, white robes.

Who knows?
It is different each time.
Watch closely, wait, and you will SEE
With each new flurry and force of the season, a fresh new wardrobe is revealed.
The storms and their fashions always change
Yet those royal, strapping limbs remain erected high in all their simple splendor

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  1. Love reading your writing Leighann- you should have something published- I'd buy it!