Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Appointment

For JFK, Garland, Lennon, and Marilyn amongst others
We say it came too early
We needed and wanted so much more

It is an appointment we shall, indeed, all keep
Young, old, early or late
It pays no mind and does not discriminate

Some pass on from us unnoticed
While for others the world ceases to orbit
We find ourselves stunned and weeping
For the greats who met theirs unexpectedly

Hate, carelessness, drugs, alcohol or cancer
The terms of it never cease to vary
As long as the sun continues to set and rise
These appointments will sadly carry on
Claiming hundreds, thousands, and even millions
Before the world reaches its final end

Adam and Eve were promised and warned of this so very long ago
So each one prepares and responds differently
However, some of us don’t even do that
We carry on as if there will always be a tomorrow

How and when will I know?
For when shall my own bell toll?
Like an unexpected thief or a long awaited friend?
This I do not and may never foresee to know
Five or ten minutes I usually tarry
But for that final appointment
I can not, nor will I be late
The grander one’s exit and the appointment’s arrival
The grander in memory one individual shall remain

Yea, though I do not know the day or the hour
I do know that from an eternal perspective
It can not be far off
For a thousand years to us, is only one day elsewhere

So best get crackin’
Living, loving and laughing
Sending a strong hearted message and legacy onward
Making and raising new babes and disciples
Inspiring everything and every one of good repute and nobility to go forward

Listen here, all you who tarry
tomorrow’s not promised to me or anyone
Each and every one of us can be sure
We will make that appointment and make it on time

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  1. Amen to that. Very beautifully worded. You never cease to amaze me. Love Mom