Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking Back on 2010

I just finished reviewing my journal notes for 2010. WOW! There were so many things I forgot about. If you've never reviewed your own personal life from the year before, I highly recommend it. People perish from lack of knowledge. It's always good to take a look back on where you've been, before forging into a new year with new goals.

Here are my top 20 highlights of 2010:

1. Started blogging.
2. Throughout the year, I found inspiration to write more.
3. Made new friends.
4. Opportunity to share my testimony in church in relation to John 11 and grave clothes.
5. Worked with a sister in Christ to make a presentation for foster care in May.
6. God provided summer work!
7. Planted my very first flower garden ever!
8. Celebrated my mother's 60th birthday with her!
9. Deeper conversations with my sister, Jeneen.
10. Doing art for church- each time it flowed well with the message brought forth.
11. Visited a new friend in Columbus, Ohio for Columbus weekend.
12. Helped to do an orientation for people interested in becomming foster care parents.
13. Opportunity to honor veterans in church for Veteran's Day.
14. Made my very first presentation on technology at a statewide conference.
15. Very first professional article published in a teacher's newsletter.
16. Accepted to present at a technology conference in the spring of 2011.
17. Self published another collection of short stories for Christmas.
18. Started teaching an additional 2 grade levels this past September.
19. My students are excited about learning new proverbs each week.
20. Learned sign language for the song, "How Many Kings?"

In addition, there are many things I can give praise for as well. My family, friends, health, job, along with another year to smile brightly and share the love and kindness that has been shown to me.

As always, the new year is full of so many unknowns. I hope it is a year of gaining more insight and direction for myself, as well as opportunities to bless others and be blessed. I hope it is a year of seeing more things redeemed and restored rather than lost; kind of like the earring I found. I have yet to set new goals for this year, but I am thankful for the year I enjoyed and was blessed to live in 2010.

I hope you are encouraged to do some reminiscing of your own and to step out and try new things. Each year I try to do something new and different. I've discovered it is one of the best ways to approach a new year and in turn it has yielded some pretty awesome results.

Carpe Diem- It's 2011, a new year and a new decade!

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  1. Very cool, you should be very encouraged. Love Mom