Sunday, April 2, 2017

Define-Five Minute Friday

I wasn't sure what to post for this week's prompt. It took a little time, but it brought me back to my younger days when I was in high school. It also reminds me of the need to always mull things over and sort out, while moving ahead. Hope you enjoy the read and find something helpful.


Know thyself

determine, decide

what is, what's not

important or not

have a picture in your mind

know what feels good, feels right

When I was looking at colleges in my senior year of high school, I visited three places. The first had a keg of beer in every yearbook candid shot. Boys could stay over in your room if we choose. Yet it had courses and programs of study that excited me. It was not the place for me. I knew I did not need or want to be in that kind of environment.

When I visited another school in Nyack, I knew that was it!


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  1. Visiting you (back)from Five Minute Friday, and I enjoyed hearing your experience of determining the right place for you to go to school. It's sometimes hard to dig past outward appearances and find the truth about a place or situation. Happy Sunday!