Friday, November 7, 2014

Turn- Five Minute Friday

Another great prompt from Kate. If you'd like to join the party check out

Take what's

Undesirable and

Redeem it

Never looking back at the past again


There is a season and time to every purpose under heaven.  Turning away from the past and turning over a new leaf takes work. It is a conscious decision. You make something ravishing or leave it undesirable and ugly. It is a choice to turn the worst into the most dazzling.

The question is how?

Life has a habit of handing us lemons. We need to make a choice, but we also need to know the sky can be the limit. To turn over a new leaf is what we all need at some point in time. I am wondering what to TURN and how to redeem.

Reminds me of..................


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  1. Love this clever take on the FMF. Says so much in just a few words.