Friday, November 14, 2014

STILL- Five Minute Friday




Little by little

Letting things lie

This is another challenging word and concept. We can be "still", not moving and ceasing to strive because we are satisfied, or we can be "still" stuck in the same season or spot resenting it.

I am still single and not always satisfied with that. More often than not, I am not.

I am still a teacher at the same school I've been for more than a decade; satisfied, but also searching now for perhaps something different.

My soul needs to be "still" and know who God truly is. I am "still" seeking.


  1. Hello Leigh,
    I'm happy you wrote for Five Minute Friday today. Your acrostic poem is a great way to capture "still." It makes me happy that you are a teacher who writes. I think this is one of the very best things any teacher can do.
    Happy writing,

  2. Hey Leigh ... I love how you quickly yet so wisely explored these two views of that one little word.

    Good stuff!