Monday, November 3, 2014

More Thoughts on Leaving...FMF

It is a new month and my dad would be 73 tomorrow if he were still here. As I sat in church yesterday listening to an interview with a couple who have adopted four children from the foster care system, I thought of my adopted mom and dad. November is National Adoption Month.

Looking back over the years on the

Endurance shown from 

All those who

Ventured to veer off and

Envelope me with grace & love, shows me others were willing to leave what was familiar and comfortable, in order that more would gain true life.

My adopted mom and dad were willing to LEAVE one town and move to another, which is where they met me.

They were willing to lay aside their own comforts and conveniences to care for me.

They were willing to endure the ups and downs that come with taking in a teenager so that a better life would be possible for me.

Little did they know the fruit that would come forth over twenty years later. Fruit that continues to grow to this day in and through me.

I can look back at the love shown to me.

They were willing to lay so many things aside and endure because God, Jehovah Jireh, called, but not just for me.

Now these questions keep staring back at me-

What and when am I willing to LEAVE?

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