Saturday, February 25, 2017

Slow- Five Minute Friday

It was easy to think of an acrostic for this one. It brought nuggets to mind for chewing on. I hope you enjoy the read.

Look and listen
Outside your
Window and wonder about the wonders

I showed a book called "Best in Snow" to second graders this past week. I asked them, "What does the author want you to do or think?" Each page mesmerized them as it clearly depicted the finest details of ice and snow outside our windows and into the woods. The close up shots were magnificent. The children ooo'ed and ahh'ed.

Take time. Slow down and look at the beauty God has created for us. It is lavished on all throughout the world and it is free. Actually, the only think it will cost us is our time to gaze in awesome wonder. How Great Thou Art!


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  1. It's so hard to slow down! Thanks for the reminder to take time to notice the details of God's creation. Visiting from FMF.