Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Breathe-A Late Five Minute Friday

I finally had some time to breathe with a delay this morning. Bad weather is coming, so they say. The weekend was jam packed with writing workshops on Saturday to a SUPER Super Bowl Sunday. I still can't get over that game! Wow! So here I am after mulling over this week's prompt for more than a few days. 


no breath, no life

no space, no circulation

no air, no exchange

one for the other

trees take the air we breathe out

we take oxygen in

space and wind make way

holes in my compost bin

let air in, gases out

wood stoves turn fans

fire breathes, heat travels

breathe means to move, to grow

breathe means life is vibrant

breathe we must

space, air, move, grow

breathe in, breathe out


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  1. You have a gift, Leighann :) Thanks for sharing...