Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Pelican- written July 12, 2016

He sat perched on a rock

Basking in the hot Aruban sun

Withdrawn from the others

His long grayish, brown bill

Nestled upon his dark plumage

Every now and then he would blink

The others glided across the sea

Before plunging bill first, straight down

Scooping up their fill again and again

They plunged while this one remained perched

I wondered why he rested so far from the others

I questioned if he was older or an outcast from the flock

He stared at me motionless and I thought

So this is stillness on one happy island

Basking in the hot Aruban sun

Observing, not reacting to curious bystanders

Perhaps readying himself for a later hunt

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