Sunday, July 17, 2016

Create- My Five Minute Friday on Sunday

This morning my pastor asked us for words that we would use to describe God. I automatically think of Him as creative and resourceful. He doesn't waste anything. 

When I set the timer for five, I felt led to write about God as He created breathtaking beauty and diversity. Whenever, I travel to beautiful places I am overwhelmed by what He spoke into existence and has lavished us with. 

Here are just a few word pictures for you to enjoy.

What power, grace

What skill, patience


The majesty of such a King

To speak and have sparkling,

 turquoise waters flow

Life of every form and color

Decorating the landscape

Intertwined and thriving

What have we to compare?

What can we, the created speak

and have happen?

Could we create such radiance and swirls?

Such drama as lightning and thunder?

Dancing in skies of darkness?

The hooves of mighty horses

galloping on a beach, laughing at the wind?

What can we compare?


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  1. Love the imagery in this post! He is such a creative God! And to think He allows us to create alongside Him! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wonderful words for a wonderful God. Thanks for sharing!