Friday, July 22, 2016

Help! Five Minute Friday

Let me preface this by saying I had an oops this morning. I thought I set the timer for five minutes and after I was engrossed in writing, I started to wonder why the bell wasn't chiming on my phone, so I stopped to check it and discovered I had accidentally set it for eight hours and five minutes and I was at seven hours and fifty one minutes left. Eek! So I wrote more than five, but cannot tell you where I had reached the five minute mark in my writing. I hope someone enjoys the read.

"Many hands make light work." my grandmother would always say.

Another proverbial saying used is "An idle mind and idle hands are the devil's playground."

Helping hands make a difference! Helping hands help. They don't hurt.

Visualize for a moment. Earliest memories of each of us as babies reaching for mom or dad's finger to grasp and hold onto. Later, grasping to steady ourselves as we walk. Then, picking flowers or toys to play with. As we get older our hands are reaching, holding typing, patting, washing driving, etc., etc.

How many times are we helping? Hopefully more than we can count. There is such power when we do. Tuesday I helped four or five others harvest over twenty baskets of wonderful, fresh smelling onions. We pulled, clipped tops off, tossed in the baskets and finally unloaded them from the truck to the washing station. What a job! What a glorious feat, to know these will help feed over five hundred people in our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture). I cannot imagine doing this without others' helping hands. It's empowering to know that a task such as this can make a difference in our community. It also gives me hope for the planet to see and know others value coming together to gather and feed.

We love our farm, fresh produce! We love our CSA and our community! Such power in many hands uniting together to sow, hill, cultivate, fertilize, harvest and store. Mom moms was right. What a difference when everyone helps!

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  1. Lovely, and very true
    it's was nice to see Anna in one of the photos. Looking forward to picking on Saturday.

  2. Leigh, y'all did a great job with this, and I'm glad you set the timer wrong. Every word is golden.

    #1 at FMF this week.