Friday, February 26, 2016

Morning- Five Minute Friday

Birthed in darkness
the sun rises
Exposure to light
awakens activity
Night to others
a gift each day
Never ceasing to come

What will I do with it?
What pops in my head when
light kisses the darkness?
How can we live without it?
What hope would be stolen
if it never, ever came

We need a new start
The power of a new slate
The freedom to create
The quiet and stillness
Until a bird sings
Warmth infuses energy
Spurting forward, morning

Morning, what else can you bring?

A promise of new news


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  1. " . . . a new start" ~ I love that about mornings, too ~ Enjoy your weekend ~

  2. There is some beautiful poetic prose here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This: 'when light kisses the darkness'
    I love it so much!!! It paints such a beautiful word picture in my mind's eye. Lovely post!

    ~#79 at linkup