Sunday, February 21, 2016

Forget- Five Minute Friday on Sunday morning

It has been a busy weekend so I am just getting to posting this now. No acrostic this week. Instead, a few musings. Hope you are encouraged or challenged in some way. Here it is.

"Fuhgeddaaboudit" was what first came to mind, but then there are the times I need to recite aloud what I need to do so I don't forget. I make mental lists and paper ones, too. All to remind myself of the inconsequential tid-bits needed for this and that.

And do I forget to see the forest through the trees? Is there a bigger picture we sometimes miss out on? Why do I use strategies to remind myself of such minuscule details that will change week to week, but not recite aloud the important facts or truths that are for me today? Hmm.

Somethings we can stand to forget, others we cannot.


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  1. I must say I got a little chuckle out of this one. I have lists everywhere - even have lists of my lists. It helps me not to forget my to-do's for the day. It makes me feel proud to count how many things I've crossed out at the end of the day, too. :-)

    ~your neighbor (at #89) this week

  2. "Somethings we can stand to forget, others we cannot." Much truth here. One of the things I need to remember is "Whose" I am. Visiting from FMF.