Friday, February 5, 2016

FOCUS-Five Minute Friday with Kate & Friends

Fill your mind with

One thing and

Concentrate as if time is

Unlimited and

So will be the possibilities

I remember a weekend retreat I attended decades ago. No clocks or watches allowed. Cell phones turned off or handed over. FOCUS was key.

We were encouraged to.

participate, not anticipate. 

Live in each moment. 

Breathe it in deeply and let it clear out the junk.

 Let it change you, give you a fresh perspective, 

and just enjoy being. 

How we all need to do that! 

"The Art of Stillness" as Pico Iyer words it. 

Leave our distractions and weights behind.


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  1. Love it dear Leigh! Keep it up!!!

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful retreat! It would be hard for me, but I could use a few unplugged days.

  3. Great thoughts. Glad I made a stop here.

    ~#8 at FMF