Friday, March 4, 2016

News- Five Minute Friday

It can be good or bad
If only hardship we never had
Comfortable we long to be
If life was only so carefree

But every new life
Is not without strife
No struggle means no strength

So when there's no sun
It's certainly not fun
But every new life needs rain

So whether your news is exciting or sad
Remember a lesson is waiting to be had
Great growth never comes without pain

Face your troubles with a grin
Knowing you can still win

News is news, it's just different each day


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This past week we celebrated Dr. Seuss Day on Tuesday, March 2nd at school. So, I couldn't help but write a few rhymes. If you haven't picked up a Dr. Seuss book in awhile, try it, you might like it with some green eggs and ham.

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