Saturday, March 26, 2011


"Mmmm," the old GE refrigerator hums at a high pitch sound.

"Tick,tick,tick,tick," strums the living room clock.

Sunday morning

Cars swish by outside her window
The neighboring blue jay caws aloud
It is only Elena
Listening, breathing, sitting on her blue, plaid loveseat

"What must he want now? Will he ever stop cawing?" she wonders
Perhaps it is that long awaited announcement of spring he makes

March 20th
Bright, warm
Sunny as the eggs one would fry with bacon for breakfast
Elena's stomach is empty, about to grumble

The humming of her old GE fridge has ceased for a moment
Beaming rays of the sun stream through the east side kitchen window
Revealing a pathway of light that leads into her living room
The clock ticks on as cars continue to stream by

"Where did the blue jay go?" she inquires aloud.
His cawing has also ceased.
Perhaps he is filling himself of the seed scattered below.
She catches a glimpse of two small kingbirds darting to the rooftop above.

Except for her amongst numerous books, photos, and furniture
One may say the apartment is empty

The birds outside begin to caw even louder now.
There is a fullness of sound beckoning her to arise and partake.
Partake in the newness of life offered this day.
Like a newborn babe exhaling its first cry upon entering the world
So is this first mourn of spring

Sunshine brilliantly calls aloud to her,
"I am yours!
Rise up and come!
Embrace me that your arms maybe full and no longer empty.
Rise up!
It is God's day!
It is a new season!

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