Sunday, March 6, 2011

Burning Brightly

He takes the boys out
One three and a half, the other only two
Picks up the groceries
Giving his wife some quiet time alone
Returns later with a smile and greets her with a kiss
On to start a new fire
Out the door he goes to get more wood

His beloved refreshed
She has neither need nor time for worry
She nurses her newest one while talking with their friend

Moments later he's off to pick up dinner
A most delicious meal
Stuffed shrimp, Salmon, and Penne a la Vodka
Next he brings out the wine
Fills his beloved's and their friend's glasses first
Last he pours his own

Kind, sweet and most polite
He is a good provider
Faithful Father, husband, brother, son, uncle
Lover of God

His beloved adores him
His children thrive
His parents most proud and bragging I'm sure

Beacon of light
Set upon the mountaintop
Surrounded by those who love him
Providing clean, crisp water to all who come
Shelter and protection
Humbly and most contently serving

A light burning softly
Softly and brightly
A light perched high for the entire world to see

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