Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Eyes

Envisioning, perceiving, adjusting
Is it a thorn bush with roses?
Or a rosebush with thorns?

The eyes determine who, what, and how we will see
At times vision may be clouded, severely obscured
While other times it's clear
Clear as crystal on a brilliant, sunny day

Do you vex between the two?
I do.
The battle rages on almost daily
What special lenses are required to help you see?

What shall I choose to put in or upon the frame of mine?
After all, my eyes can lead me astray
Eyes determine one's future
Directing our actions and triggered by light

Mine are only half open sometimes
Eyes close up reflect one's heart and pain
like the mirror you face early in the morning
What do your eyes behold this day?


  1. Love it. Great way of breathing new life into the old cup half full/half empty debate. Thanks for giving me something to chew on today!

  2. Thanks for reading and glad you were challenged!