Friday, March 4, 2011

The Power of Kindness

I rushed to the phone tonight, bursting with good news to share. One of my students journaled this week about his memories of his coming to an American Kindergarten for the very first time. He shared about how he could not speak English and was fearful that the teacher would scold him for his lack there of. Instead, he discovered the teacher was nice. More importantly he shared that this experience taught him that even though it was hard to do something new, afterwards it became easy.

In the near future, Kim will enter junior high. This experience happened to him years ago. It has stuck with him ever since. Furthermore, it has given him the confidence he would need to keep doing and trying new things.

HALLELUJAH!!!! Isn't that why teachers teach?!

We long to inspire our future generations.

We work to prepare them for what they will inherit.

We pray they will far surpass us when it comes to stewardship and leadership.

We want them to be confident and play nice.

When we lead and model kindness we can never go wrong.

I'm so thankful for those who do!
I'm so thankful for each day we are given to show it.
Every new face and friend is a privileged opportunity awaiting the sunshine we have to offer.

Never underestimate its power!

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