Saturday, January 9, 2016

First-Five Minute Friday for the First time this year

First time back in a long time

First full week of a new year

In the very first month

First time pen in hand for a task such as this

And I wonder, wonder, wonder.......

What firsts will I encounter this year?

Opportunities? Meetings? New faces or places?

It is the first time I look ahead to this new year


And I feel I need to choose the word "HOPE"

for the first time this year

Not because I have tons, but I need some

A whole lot of hope that there will be new

first time pleasures to balance the pains and

disappointments we are all sure to encounter

I hope this for all including myself


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  1. A new year always brings new hope doesn't it? Firsts and lasts too. Sometimes I don't think we appreciate either enough. Sitting behind you at FMF. #101 spot.

  2. Praying the hope of Christ floods your precious heart this New Year and always and forever. #GodLovesToGiveGoodGifts #ThoughItTarries
    Hugs and love, Leighann...

  3. Yes Hope ! You are a wonderful woman of God and I pray for you daily. Love you and love reading your. writings.