Friday, January 15, 2016

Time- Five Minute Friday

To each what seems is an

Infinite amount of it is given BUT

Man is deceived because

Everyone is given a set amount and each will give an account for what they've done with the account they were given

Spent laughing, crying, revisiting or regretting, time keeps on ticking. These days I seem to have more of it on my hands, BUT even this is for only so long. Life will change. Responsibilities grow. When time is given, it is to be cherished and made the most of because when will we get the gift of time again?


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  1. Leigh, thank you for visiting my FMF post. I am glad to return the favor. I love your reminder that we will have to give an account for how we spent our time. I think we often forget that. Blessings to you this weekend!

  2. Leigh,
    I love your picture of the clock fading like sand. That is so true. And we all have the same 24 hrs, right? The same wonderful gift. It's how we will use it that matters.

    So nice to visit your blog!