Saturday, March 7, 2015

GATHER- Five Minute Friday

I decided to go back to the acrostic for this week's word "gather". Here are my thoughts on this sunny, but brisk and chilly Saturday.

Getting everyone

Around a

Table to feast

Having an


Retreat from life's pressures

Gather around the welcome table in heaven we will.  Until then there is something about coming together with family, loved ones or friends to share the retreat from life's stresses and woes, that we all need.  I wish there was more time for it. I wish I had a family of my own to enjoy with.  Extended family is a blessing, but there is no flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone to partake with.  I am thankful for the loved ones I do have though.


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  1. Leigh, what a great use of the word gather. I absolutely LOVE gathering around a table with friends and family! Heaven will be a wonderful gathering place. Enjoy the sunshine! I followed you on FMF