Saturday, March 28, 2015

BREAK- My Five Minute Friday

This week's prompt is "break". I am anxious to see what other people have posted at, but first I will share my own musings.

Busyness needs a
Rest from
Everything and
All that is normal, to
Kindle the flame within

We all keep some kind of routine. With some recent health issues, it was time to BREAK away from my normal to get rejuvenated and healed. It's hard to do that, but if we don't, how much worse will we be? We can end up breaking down sooner or later if we don't take the BREAKS we need when we need them. Life is a marathon and yet with our jobs and anything else in life we can be required to sprint almost daily.



  1. I am visting from #FMF and love the acroymn for BREAK that you shared. I many need to print it out and post it in my office.

  2. Also visiting as your FMF neighbor. I also loved the acronym you shared. If we don't take the appropriate break we surely will break! Good job.