Friday, February 20, 2015

Open- Five Minute Friday

I decided to venture outside my routine acrostic and just write whatever came to mind. Once I got going, more thoughts kept coming and coming, but I only had five minutes. Perhaps I will post some other thoughts on this week's prompt later.  To begin with though, this is what flowed the first time.

Open up wide

Explore, anticipate

Open yourself to bliss or pain

Imagine the possibilities and come alive

Like Pollyanna's glasses on, look out and see what may and could be

But know, when you open your eyes and doors,

it may or may not be, what you want to see

Life can afford us possibilities

we never dreamed of

What can and will I do with them?

A knock on the door

stranger, intruder, family or friend?

What choice will I make? What and who will I hear or see?



Hmm, I just noticed that my verses vacillate between long and short, kind of how I do with tough decisions. 

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  1. I love the open freedom of your writing and flow of thought. :)