Saturday, February 7, 2015

KEEP- Another Five Minute Friday

I was tempted to alter my response this time and not do another acrostic, but I did one anyway. We'll see who is touched by it. This week's word is Keep!

Kangaroos carry their

Embryos in a special pouch

Every day safe 

Protected from the elements and danger

I love to look at examples in nature. They can teach us so much about ourselves and our God.  The babies are kept safe, close to their mom, going everywhere she goes, so intimately connected to and with her. They have no fear when mom is near. She can kick hard and hop several feet rather quickly. We all long to be kept safe and sound.


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  1. The language arts teacher in me enjoyed your acrostic! Thanks for sharing. Joining you from FMF.

  2. Fascinating - truly. I personally like acrostics. Thank you for helping me see "keep" through a different lens.
    Bless you with GREAT JOY on your journey!