Sunday, November 14, 2010


Zoom in
I see a single detail
one item
one or more colors
one moment in time

Zoom out-

I see many details, items
a mosaic or kaleidoscope of colors
perhaps a whole life's journey

As a painter, so God paints
His perfect picture for our lives
He has an image, a final destiny and product in mind

BUT I don't always like the colors and techniques He uses
and yet, I am the creation with my own picture in mind
viewing my own heart's desires as things of more importance
and I don't understand

I see odd shapes with the artist's painting
I can't imagine where He is going with everything
and yet at the same time, I know that at the arrival of completion
it will be clear and an explanation given,
the artist's purpose and interpretation will be unveiled

I think of some of our great, old oaks at the River
like Marge and Bill
well into their 70's or 80's
They have walked many miles
and seen far more and better than I can
They've been given the perspective of zooming out over the years
Marge and Bill can reflect only because they have travelled so many years and miles

Why must I be in this place for this time and for so long?
Thus far there have been times of great pain-
the passing of my father, broken relationships, and hopes long deferred
I've endured disappointments with limited perspective
I want to know more and better understand all the whys
and what in the world He is doing
I can't see and I think it is fear and anger that has held me back.

Where will I proceed to next?
How can I get there?

I have hated the outcome of so many different things
Although in God's perspective they may be a necessary detail
a far bigger puzzle than I can comprehend or imagine

There are some things I don't like one bit!
And yet I have no idea of the final outcome or product
How does one let go and let God
when He has allowed or ordained so many horrible things
that take place in our world today?

How does one trust and believe God's ways are best?
How when God's ways always seem to include loss and pain along the way?
When and where is the silver lining?
When and where is the restoration and redemption?

When God? When will that ever be made clear to us?
In this life? On this side of Heaven?
Often it is after we have zoomed out
somewhere down the road
Yes, so I've been told
down the road there will be loving arms,
holding answers to our questions

But what do we do until then?

His response?

Upon my completion of the above, written out during Sunday morning worship, my dear friend, Liz shared Psalm 34!

Verse 19 reads:"Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but He delivers them out of them all."

Verse 5 reads:, "Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame."

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