Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

If I passed her on the street and didn't know her, I probably wouldn't have noticed or paid much attention to her. A middle aged woman with short hair usually combed back, sweat pants, sneaks, and bundled up in a warm winter coat with a large pocket book draped over her shoulder. There's nothing in particular that stands out about her. Nothing to draw us in, but there is her sweet demeanor and radiant smile.
I met Philene a few months ago when she began coming to our home group meeting. Over the past few months, I have grown to love her. She is a single mom of two, her son, diagnosed with autism. She works at Wal-Mart in the customer service department. She attends church weekly.
Two weeks ago she came to our home group meeting, bursting with radiance, boasting of her son's most recent accomplishment. He was voted student of the month. Last night, she came with gifts for everyone. Mine was a small plaque with the poem "Footprints In the Sand". AND she encouraged us with a poem. A poem she wrote testifying to God's love and grace. She always says, "He's got my back!" Her faith is deep, her love is real. She extends her arms to hug and welcome all who are near.
There is so much more to her than what you see just in passing on the street. Countless times she's responded to questions in our studies with the answers she's discovered in secret. Secret time with her Savior and King. She is another inspiration. Always shining, always smiling. Sharing God's kindness and peace. Philene, a blessing, a diamond in the rough, and yes another token and sign of God's goodness.

Philippians 1:3 "I thank my God every time I remember thee."


  1. Just love reading your inspiring little stories!

  2. Everybody is a somebody to the Father! The insight we gain from seeing people like He does is amazing! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Amazing how many people we can pass every day without acknowledging - and yet once we've made contact, they become an invaluable part of our world!