Sunday, February 7, 2010

As Per Request- Laughter is Great Medicine

'A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones' Proverbs 17:22 2(NAS) It was my first full week back to work from visiting my mother in Texas for her 60th birthday celebration. I had begun to wind down from all the festivities, settle in to normal routines, and catch up on lost sleep. My friend, Rita invited a bunch of people over for some snacks and music at her house. In between singing and snacking we began to exchange stories. Rita shared how her mother had accidentally walked into the men's room once and then returned to the table to sit down very non-chalantly. Boy, did that take me back in time.
I shared about the dreary Saturday morning,I ventured over the bridge to meet up with my friend, Michelle and her mom, Audrey at a craft fair. After paying the $2.00 fee to get in and shaking the rain from my jacket, I headed for the photography display. Beautiful photos of the Hudson Valley, all nicely framed and matted, caught my attention. Some color, others black and white. I spent about 10 minutes or so perusing and asking the rather nice looking young man about his art. I wrapped up the conversation, thanking him, and met up with Michelle. "Is he single?," she whispers in my ear.
"I don't know. He looks pretty young though. I think he's only in his twenties," I responded with the attitude of "Who cares?".
"No, I don't think so. You never know. Hey, my mom is waiting for us. We haven't checked out the gym yet, "she said. We turned the next corner while browsing over the Christmas decorations and hand made novelties. About 15 minutes or so later, I asked her mom, Audrey, "Where's the bathroom? I need to go."
"Down the hall on the right. Just look for the sign that says "Faculty only'," she directed. I made it through the maze of people and spotted the black and white sign on the door. "Finally," I thought to myself. I pushed open the door to be confronted with another blue door. That gateway led me to the man from the beautiful photography display, standing right in front of the urinals!"OH MY GOD!!!!," I blurted out with a face as red as tomatoes.
He very calmly responded with, "I'm sorry." I spinned myself around, out the door and bolted into the little girl's room one over. AGHHHHH! I'd never done that before, EVER! After regaining my composure and using the facilities, I returned to my friends awaiting me in the gym. I could barely get out what happened without keeling over in hysterics. The men's sign rested just below the faculty only sign, but half the size, and it was almost the same yellowish brown color as the wooden door. What a lesson in reading fine print. What a great time remembering and being able to laugh. My friends got a real kick out of it and the hustle and bustle of the week and travelling had soon melted away. Laughter really is great medicine for the soul!

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