Monday, April 27, 2015

HIDE-Five Minute Friday

I am a little late with last Friday's prompt as I wrestled with what to write. What could I say? What did I feel comfortable sharing?  I took the plunge tonight and here are my thoughts on "hide".

Having withdrawn

Into one's self

Deepening roots

Evolving inside out

I struggled with this prompt when I first read it.  It scared me. "HIDE". We hide when we are afraid. We need to withdraw and protect, but we can also be hidden by the Protector.  And sometimes we HIDE away for the most magnificent changes to take place from the inside out. The mystery of metamorphosis is hidden from us. We are amazed at the beautiful butterfly when it breaks out of its cocoon.


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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tomorrow-Five Minute Friday

Tomorrow absent

Today is right now enjoy

Yesterday finished

I always have a plan for the next day and the following week.  It's much harder for me to plan for something years down the road.  Today I had a plan  to do so much to get ready for tomorrow, but the body is not feeling up to it. So here I am wishing I felt well enough to do more, but can I not still enjoy the stillness of this moment? It is time for r&r and perhaps even a nap. It is time being just in today.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

RELIEF!! Five Minute Friday

What a fitting word for this time of year and the week I just finished. Here are my thoughts for this week's prompt.

Release of

Everything annoying & stressful 


It off one's shoulders


Freedom from burdens

Relief that winter is past. Spring is here. Relief that my observation at work is finished and so far the comments have been positive. Relief that computers can be fixed. Pleasure in greeting happy people, people who love to help and just be nice. Ah! Relief from the drudgery of life's monotony.


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Friday, April 3, 2015

Five Minute Friday prompt "good"

I didn't know what to expect for this week's prompt, but was not surprised to see "good" as the prompt on this Good Friday.  I wrote an acrostic at the end, after the timer went off, so I will post that another time. Sometimes I wish the five minutes was more than five, but limiting it has its good points.  Here are my thoughts for this week.

"to be desired or approved of" is how "good" is defined.  There is always something good to be found no matter how hard we have to look. Many of us are looking harder these days in a world so ravaged by sin and chaos.

For some the definition has changed. What people say or think is good today would never have been labeled that years or decades ago. Perspective is everything and so there must be another definition for "good" other than how google defines it.

It is good and necessary to have clear, absolute standards, truths and morals. Otherwise where would we be?


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Saturday, March 28, 2015

BREAK- My Five Minute Friday

This week's prompt is "break". I am anxious to see what other people have posted at, but first I will share my own musings.

Busyness needs a
Rest from
Everything and
All that is normal, to
Kindle the flame within

We all keep some kind of routine. With some recent health issues, it was time to BREAK away from my normal to get rejuvenated and healed. It's hard to do that, but if we don't, how much worse will we be? We can end up breaking down sooner or later if we don't take the BREAKS we need when we need them. Life is a marathon and yet with our jobs and anything else in life we can be required to sprint almost daily.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Real- Five Minute Friday

It's that time to write for five minutes again for FMF and this week's prompt is "real". I scribbled out a few musings after a long day at the end of the week, so here they are.

Real tired 

Real glad for extra time to finish or rather start on big projects

Real fed up with the fast pace of the rat race


What else can I say?

Everything is true that is true

Some things appear to be real that are not 

God grant the wisdom to know which is which

What's the real difference ?

What is most important ?

Who and what is the real deal?

I know I can't be anyone or anything else but the real me- honest and frank 


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Friday, March 13, 2015

Plan-Five Minute Friday

I woke up very early today and couldn't sleep so here I am attacking the new word for the week.  Plan. I couldn't help, but snicker when I first read it because it has been more difficult for me to come up with a plan for the future.  In five minutes, here are my musings on this week's prompt.

The best made plans of mice and men oft go awry.      

People set a purpose
Liking it to
Always flow
Nicely, nothing going wrong, but life has a way of turning our plans upside down

I love it when a plan comes together. I love it when there's an even ebb and flow, but oh, how circumstances have been crazy lately.  As a teacher I learned years ago to always write my plans for the week in pencil because with kids, things usually need to be tweaked somewhere along the way.  What happens in our lives though when our goals or even desires don't come to pass in the way or time we thought they would?