Friday, February 5, 2016

FOCUS-Five Minute Friday with Kate & Friends

Fill your mind with

One thing and

Concentrate as if time is

Unlimited and

So will be the possibilities

I remember a weekend retreat I attended decades ago. No clocks or watches allowed. Cell phones turned off or handed over. FOCUS was key.

We were encouraged to.

participate, not anticipate. 

Live in each moment. 

Breathe it in deeply and let it clear out the junk.

 Let it change you, give you a fresh perspective, 

and just enjoy being. 

How we all need to do that! 

"The Art of Stillness" as Pico Iyer words it. 

Leave our distractions and weights behind.


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Friday, January 29, 2016

QUIET- Five Minute Friday

Quit and sit

Understand that



Time of silence a miracle is growing, waiting to be revealed

I think back to my compost bin. I've tossed garden scraps, paper towels, egg shells, dead leaves and anything else I had to decompose, in it. Once a week I turn it. I might douse a cup or two of water on it, put the lid back on and let it sit in the sun. The heat adds the last magic ingredient for decomposition to take place.

Beyond what we can see, something AMAZING happens in this DARK, QUIET place.

A place of POWER and a RESOURCE to bring forth NEW LIFE later on!


Food for more thought-an article I wrote around Thanksgiving time entitled "A Fertilized Life".

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Present- Five Minute Friday

A gift carefully wrapped, tied up with string, or decorated with bows.

The time and focus you give someone, leaving all duties and distractions behind.

The here and now. There will never be another, so enjoy every second while you can.



Everything here and now

Slowly and suddenly slips away becoming the past

Each of us

Needs to take

Time to receive this gift and be that, fully present


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Friday, January 15, 2016

Time- Five Minute Friday

To each what seems is an

Infinite amount of it is given BUT

Man is deceived because

Everyone is given a set amount and each will give an account for what they've done with the account they were given

Spent laughing, crying, revisiting or regretting, time keeps on ticking. These days I seem to have more of it on my hands, BUT even this is for only so long. Life will change. Responsibilities grow. When time is given, it is to be cherished and made the most of because when will we get the gift of time again?


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Saturday, January 9, 2016

First-Five Minute Friday for the First time this year

First time back in a long time

First full week of a new year

In the very first month

First time pen in hand for a task such as this

And I wonder, wonder, wonder.......

What firsts will I encounter this year?

Opportunities? Meetings? New faces or places?

It is the first time I look ahead to this new year


And I feel I need to choose the word "HOPE"

for the first time this year

Not because I have tons, but I need some

A whole lot of hope that there will be new

first time pleasures to balance the pains and

disappointments we are all sure to encounter

I hope this for all including myself


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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Unknown-five Minute Friday's December 18th posting

Ok, I am over a week late on this one, but could not decide what my one word prompt should be. After letting it stew for the past week or so, I decided on the above- "Unknown" because so much of life is unknown and what are we to do? I hope this encourages someone that there is Someone who knows more than you or I do.


we don't know what to expect 

tomorrow is never foretold or guaranteed

it can be filled with pleasure or pain

it can be an end or a new beginning

if we knew, the mystery would disappear

anticipation and hope would be gone

we can only hope for what we do not see

and so we face the great unknown

unknown to all, but a King of Kings

who conceals it in His hands

we cannot fathom or imagine 

living where all is clear as can be

we are surrounded by too many clouds 

the King will guide us into an unknown destiny

here or there or anywhere


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Friday, December 11, 2015

Reflect Five Minute Friday

the moon, a mirror

a friend, yourself

the act of showing

and telling again

showing another

or realizing oneself

more details clearly seen

something new or

different we absorb

we realize, we pause

we sleep on it and

then we decide

the process produces

life that is brighter

and fresher

makes more sense when

we take time to reflect


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