Sunday, March 19, 2017

Friend-Five Minute Friday on a Sunday evening

It's been a busy weekend and so here I am posting on Sunday evening. I actually had the opportunity to make some new friends this weekend at a gathering, which helped me to broaden my perspective on friendship a little more. We never know when or where we can make a new friend, but how sweet it is to share that moment. I hope you enjoy the read for this week's prompt.


Someone who is not so consumed with themselves

And yet comfortable and confident in their own skin

They listen and they want to know more about you and how you're doing

They're interested, but they are also interesting

They have interests to share

Yes, they share a moment, a memory, their presence and the gift of living, with you

And they will always come back to stop, rest, and reconnect

Like spring rains that come again in April or May

You can look forward to their visitation and drink


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  1. I agree completely! Thanks for sharing. Joining you from FMF #70.

  2. Beautiful definintion of friend, Leigh!