Sunday, March 12, 2017

A few More Thoughts....

After I had already made my Five Minute Friday post for this week's thought, I came across a trending news story from National Geographic. Rare photos were captured of a Gelada monkey in Ethiopia giving birth. It is a species that appears to be dwindling in numbers, but a photographer was able to witness first hand a new beginning. It gave me a new perspective on abandon as they give birth in seclusion.

It's rare for them to walk away

Appear to abandon their own

She's pregnant and now silent

She prefers to be alone

In seclusion something new will come forth

A mystery, hidden from all to see

No one to tell her "Now push" or "Breathe"

One may wonder how and where

When did this new creature come to be?

A sacred space, a quiet space

A holy moment of birth for a monkey

God knows, God calls, nature delivers

Newness and wonder preserved

She labored in secret

Her body twisted and twitched

Her new, little, life popped out

She cradled and cleaned

When it will happen we never know

Signs are sure to show

Abandon the normal group

Abandon for sake of delivery

Abandon for sake of of life

Let new beginnings spring forth

There is always that time

To see the photos captured check out Gelada Monkey Giving Birth

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