Friday, December 30, 2016

Top Posts of 2016 for FMF!

It's hard to believe the year is rapidly approaching an end. This is the first year I have reviewed what were my readers' favorites; a lot of action words. Here's what I discovered they loved.

1. Now- Five Minute Friday December 16

2.Test- October

3. Collect September

4.Five September

5.Team August

6.Build July

7.Rest June

8.Pass April

9. Limit February

10. Present January

Thanks so much for reading and your feedback! It has been such a blessing to be part of Five Minute Friday. I not only love writing, but also reading the many great posts from others each week. It reminds me of a chant I've taught my students:

Cooperate, cooperate!

Let's all cooperate!

Work together! Help each other!

Make a great team!

This is what the Five Minute Friday community means to me. We do it beautifully! Thanks, Kate and all my fellow writers and readers at FMF! I am looking forward to another great year with all of you.

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