Friday, June 24, 2016

Rest-Five Minute Friday

It's hard to do that now. School just finished.  After the mad rush to get folders updated, report cards and assessments finished, my classroom packed up and last minute meetings; everything STOPS.

Waking up this morning I was ready to jump into making another to do list and start laying out what projects I will do when, and yet here I am reading the word "rest".

In music, the rest is the cessation of activity. It can be short or long. It is used throughout a piece. Rest. Stop.


Everything that has

Sucked the life and vigor

Take your time to reflect & regain My perspective


To see what others are thinking and how they find rest check out


  1. Oh yes. We all need to take a deep breath and rest. Wise words

  2. I loved your acronym! :) Good job. Visiting from FMF (#20).

  3. I am a teacher as well. I told a friend yesterday that the lack of urgency is beautiful. So glad I found your blog today. Hope you have a restful summer!

  4. I was immediately drawn to your image of a music rest. I love music, and need rest! I am joining you for the first time on Five Minute Friday, and am so pleased to "meet" you. Thanks for sharing your creative thoughts on rest. I was a teacher's aide for ten years, and the daughter of a teacher, so I know a little of what you're feeling. Have a restful day and summer!