Monday, June 20, 2016

Lose- FMF on Monday

The weekend was crazy busy and I have three days of school left with lots still to do. Thus here I am posting on Monday evening after a long day at work.

I misplaced an earring once

I looked and looked and finally gave up

Months later I found it in a drawer

But I had already thrown the other one away 
because I knew I wouldn't wear just one

I was reminded of the verse- 
"So do not throw away your confidence....."

Don't give up hope, BUT there is a time for everything 

When and how does someone decide not to retain?

When and how does someone decide 
"I've spent enough time here, it's time to move on." ?

I think back to dreams I had when I was younger

I even wrote when I had hoped to see them fulfilled by 

Those dates have come and gone


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  1. It's never too late to dream and fulfil some.

  2. He makes all things beautiful in His time! Love you!

  3. sad, i think. to see those dates come and go.thankfully, we are kept (not lost) for all He will give at His right time. great post!