Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I know a place north in the Catskills

It takes some time to drive

I venture here for a vacation

I travel for a real good time

Through small towns, along tree lined roads

I know this place, there are times I long to go

Across the mighty Hudson, up route 23

Different businesses, lots of rock and trees

Off the main highway, an old country town

Pictures of veterans posted throughout

Some bends and curves til I turn off

Finally a long stretch lined with fences

Equines grazing post to post

I turn in and up a long, dirt road  

I can't wait to see the barn

I can't wait to ride her

Out of my Forester, into the aisle

Smells of fresh hay and horses, make me smile

Grooming kits lined up outside stalls

My friend munches hay until I call, 

She pokes her head out over the door

"There you are!" 

Her soft muzzle searches, "Did you bring me something more?

 I put her halter on, then give her a pat

I lead out this big, brown, beautiful draft

Patient and still,  she enjoys being groomed

She picks up her hooves now, she gives us room 

All tacked up we head out the barn door

Leaving the arena, she won't be bored

Catskills stretch for miles and miles

We head east with others, single file

Up and down rugged terrain, ears perk up

More aware, she listens and surveys

Her nostrils flare, she has spring in her step

We soak in the sun, my worries I forget

Trotting over hills and through deep

I wish life was always this good  

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