Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mail- Five Minute Friday

Our new prompt for the week is "mail".  I love sending and getting mail, so that is what came to mind for my five minute free write this time. I hope someone is encouraged to revert to snail mail. I know it's outdated and old fashioned, but it has value. I think if something is not broken we shouldn't fix it. Enjoy the read this week and if you have time you can check out what others have posted at:

I wish we could get mail from heaven.  I would love to be able to still send cards or letters to my loved ones long gone. I would love to write out all my questions to God and get a response back.  There's something about those handwritten notes and cards I still love to give and get. The mail with a handwritten address, colorful stamp, and a few stickers on the outside can always brighten someone's day.

Recently, I read of a church that set up a booth to provide free cards and stamps to whomever would like to send that personalized note. One lady said she only texted her mom and asked for help. She didn't even know how to address the envelope.


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